NO!  NOT A NEW MUSICAL,  Just Part of Life!

So, when an emergency comes up,

“Who takes care of the Dogs?”
“Who takes care of You?”
“Who knows about all those medications you take?”
“Who pays the bills?”

Many of us make our homes in Mexico, part or full-time without having family or caregivers around, without knowledge of the systems of what to do in the event of emergencies, short-term or longer-term incapacitations and without systems in place to get help or needed information to family members or friends!

Life Planning in Jalisco (copyrighted) or elsewhere in Mexico, is a Practical Guide for Setting up the Systems for Keeping Our Lives Managed in times of need.  
The Four (4) key components are:

Developing an emergency contact system;

Compiling emergency information;

Designating persons to make medical, and financial, decisions for you when you cannot; and  

Pulling together all this information for someone to act on your behalf when you cannot!

The website supports the publication with ‘tips’ or expanded  information such as:

How to set up an  emergency contact system, including use of your NOB and/or Mexican cell phone.

Background information on  durable powers of attorney for financial or medical decisions and health care directives (living wills), as well as input in deciding how many  persons to designate on these documents.

Changes in legislation, for example,  the new Jalisco state legislation passed in July 2011 or the  Mexican federal legislation passed in 2008.

Completing the project takes some time, but it’s worth it in the long-run for you and your NOB family or friends….making sure you have the help you need when you need it!

The publication and material for this website has been well-researched and a great cadre of resources and legal professionals have graciously made themselves available.

Jalisco Susan

For information about the author . . . . . 

The information on this website, and in the publication Life Planning in Jalisco, is intended for personal use only.    You are welcome to link to the site.  To use any of the information in a publication or on another website, contact the author directly for permission.

The publication and All content on this website is copyright 2011 – 2012.  All rights reserved.

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  1. JaliscoSusan says:

    Publications (bound copies) are available at:

    Integrity Medical Offices, located on the Libremiento in Ajijic (next to the car wash). Check at the receptionist’s desk.

    Diane Pearl’s in Ajijic, at the corner of Colon and Ocampo.
    The store has lots of great things to see, which means you might miss seeing Life Planning in Jalisco. If you don’t see it, ask!

    Law Office of Azucena Bateman, 30 Ocampo, Ajijic (in front of the Early Bird Cafe)

    Or, you can get the publication by contacting the Author directly at

    • JaliscoSusan says:



  2. JaliscoSusan says:

    See the comment below for a Summary of this Presentation!

    Come join us Friday, February 24, 2012, at 2:00 in the Sala at LCS for a presentation by attorneys from the law firm of Vargas & Espinosa Notarios.

    The topic will be, first, the Mexican Federal Legislation that allows us to designate persons to make health care decisions for us and allows us to set out health care directives should we be diagnosed with a terminal disease, with an expected less than 6 months to live.

    This will be followed by a presentation on the July 2011 Jalisco State legislation that provides for a limited durable power of attorney (durable, ‘yes’, but still expires in 5 years) and limited ‘curative’ health care directives. These provisions, passed in July 2011, are new for the State of Jalisco and a move forward from the Jalisco.

  3. JaliscoSusan says:

    Life Planning Presentation
    Sponsored by Life Planning in Jalisco
    February 24, 2012, Lake Chapala Society, Ajijic

    Mexican Federal End-of-Life Legislation (2008)
    Allowing you to designate one or more persons to act on your behalf when you cannot for medical decisions and allowing you to make end-of-life ‘palliative’ health care directives, and

    Jalisco State Legislation (2011)
    Allowing a ‘limited durable power of attorney’ and ‘curative/therapeutic’ health care directives used in conjunction with the State’s Tutor/Guardianship process.

    Lead Speaker:
    Roberto Espinosa, Attorney and Partner
    Law Firm of Vargas & Espinosa
    Justo Sierra No 3022, Col. Vallarta San Lucas, Guadalajara, Tel. 36 15 56 26 and

    Mr. Espinosa presented on both topics and can be contacted if there are specific questions or interest in further information on the State of Jalisco Tutor/Guardianship process. He speaks English. Notario Vargas, from the same firm has experience and background in working with both the federal and state legislation. Vargas & Espinosa is a law firm of 20 staff, with 2 notarios, located off of Lopez Mateos in Guadalajara.

    Guest Speaker:
    Ms. Ana Cecilia Villanueva S., Attorney and Partner
    Acosta & Associates, Abogada Corporative
    Bajada de las Aquilas No. 1240, Colonia Lomas del Valle, Guadalajara
    Tel. 333 641 2774

    Acosta & Associates are legal counsel for Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Guadalajara.
    Ms. Villanueva speaks English and can discuss with you what health care directives are legally recognized and valid at the hospital whether they come from Mexico or outside of Mexico.

    Summary of Presentation

    Mexican Federal end-of-life legislation
    The legislation allows you to designate one or more people to act on your behalf if you become terminally ill and cannot act on your own behalf in making medical decisions.

    The legislation sets out health care directives for end-of-life palliative care from which you can chose directives such as requesting hospice, pain control, deny curative care and more.

    The document must be in writing, dated, signed, plus signed by two witnesses.
    A Jalisco State Notario does NOT have to sign the document to make it valid
    The person making the document must be mentally capable, over age 18.
    If the patient is not mentally capable, the document can be challenged. The document cannot request euthanasia or assisted suicide.

    The health care directives for palliative care are only valid if the patient is determined to have a terminal disease. They do not apply to non-terminal diseases or medical situations.

    If the patient is diagnosed with a terminal situation, expected to live 6 months or less, but lives longer, the health care directives for palliative care remain valid.

    The persons named to make medical decisions on your behalf do not have to reside in Jalisco or in Mexico, but they do have to be present at the hospital.

    The document does not have a 5 year expiration, and remains valid through any incapacitation.

    The directives have to be honored by doctors, nurses, hospitals and family.

    Jalisco State Legislation (2011)
    Allows a ‘limited durable power of attorney’ and ‘curative/therapeutic’ (not palliative) health care directives. The health care directives remain in place without any expiration date, unless changed by the grantor.

    The limited durable power of attorney is for ‘personal’ matters such as health care decisions. Unlike other powers of attorney in Jalisco, the ‘durability’ in this document allows it to remain valid if the person making the document becomes mentally incapacitated during the term of the document, and that this situation was specifically stated in the text of the document. This limited power of attorney expires in 5 years and a new limited power of attorney has to be made

    The limited durable power of attorney is intended for use ONLY with the Tutor/ Guardianship process in which a person goes through a process by the State of Jalisco of being declared mentally incompetent. At the end of this process, a Tutor/Guardian is assigned by the State of Jalisco. The new legislation allows for a person to designate someone in advance to act as Tutor/Guardian.

  4. JaliscoSusan says:

    Indeed Life Planning is a serious topic…. softened with a little humor!

    My Living Will (author unknown)

    “Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them, ‘I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.’

    “They got up, unplugged the computer and threw out my wine!!”

    The point is, make sure your ‘life planning instructions’ are very clear!

  5. JaliscoSusan says:

    Life Planning in Jalisco is now on Facebook under the same name.
    Facebook has more detailed information, and a less formal format. Make sure to add a “Like” to the Facebook page when you visit!!

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